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Accounting & Bookkeeping for Therapists

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Edie Gardner

If you have your own practice and want help to manage the books of your business, you are in the right place! This is the process:

1. We have a one-hour consultation where we first address your questions. Then, the Queen of Questions has a whole set of my own areas to explore with you.

2. If my recommendation is to implement an accounting system, I strongly recommend working with QuickBooks Online (QBO).

You will help me to know if you want to be a “Happy Camper #1”, where I teach you how to work in your books and then you maintain your books monthly with periodic support from me; or “Happy Camper #2”, where I manage your books WITH YOU in Zoom meetings to watch my process, for me to ask you questions, and for us to review your income statement for the prior month and year-to-date.

One big difference in how I work versus other QuickBooks accountants is that I am working on your books in our meeting. My process is very efficient because there is no hold up while we connect to get questions answered, and you are getting up-to-date numbers in real time.

Another big difference is that I am a social worker through and through. My heart is in this work, and with my own counseling practice, I know how stressful this work can be and what issues you face on a day-to-day business. In my work with OCD clients, we say that it’s tough to shock us with stories of intrusive thoughts. That’s how I feel about money issues, too. There is so much shame about what you don’t know, but seriously, how are you to know how to work in your books when you’ve never received formal instruction?

My rule is that if you have to jump through many websites or answer a zillion questions before learning the prices, some manipulations are likely happening. My 2024 rate to work with me is $150/hour, including the initial consultation appointment. Many are interested in meeting with me for that one paid consultation, and others want to meet more regularly.

To get started, an initial consultation appointment will offer you a roadmap of managing your books. Just click below to get started …

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Get Your Free Copy of …

“The Eight Most Costly Mistakes Private Practice Owners Make with Their Books”