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Edie Gardner, LCSWHow do you make decisions about where your money goes? There truly is a psychology to our money habits that is based on our earliest memories and past pains that need some cognitive restructuring. Have you ever watched the show Undercover Boss? Isn’t it amazing how CEOs of large corporations cannot perform the duties of a frontline worker? When a boss can immediately fill in for a frontline worker if needed, that is my definition of an effective leader. I witnessed too many social workers lose management positions because they did not appreciate how important finances, especially budgets and funding, are to companies being able to serve for the long-term.

So, I took a wild side adventure from my life as a certified public accountant (CPA) and became my bucket list dream of being a social worker myself. As a public auditor, I was very intimidated by managers who were masters at manipulation tactics. This was excellent training for me to observe, question, and trust my own gut instincts. I couldn’t have asked for better training to help people with their own internal struggles with trusting themselves. Most importantly, I learned the toll money stress can have for many.

Fast forward a lot, and I mean a lot, of years, and voila, I am living the dream of my own counseling practice with the added MAJOR bonus of helping those in helping professions be massively successful business owners. My counseling practice is dedicated to serving those going through life transitions, which includes addressing past pain that is keeping them from being their highest selves. My coaching practice working with helping professionals keeps within the theme of dealing with past money issues that are keeping them from living out their professional and personal dreams.

There is a massive amount to manage as a licensed professional, and yet there is so little accounting and financial support. Just like my passion for protecting social workers to not lose management jobs, I am very protective of those in private practice who need accounting support.

Accountants also specialize like psychotherapists specialize in their services. Some accountants prepare tax returns, some offer tax planning services, some are public auditors, and some manage the accounting books. If you have heard my webinars, I group accounting needs into two packages for either “Happy Campers #1” who want to be taught how to independently manage their books or “Happy Campers #2” who want to meet with me regularly as I do the accounting work instead of teaching you. Some start out with me teaching them about how to work with QuickBooks, and then they realize they want to “camp” in group 2. I just want to provide book support for you. Think of my work as providing accounting book therapy. I truly believe accounting provides structure and is empowering; a warning to working with me is that you might find that accounting can even be fun. If I am coaching or counseling, I am trying to help people find peace of mind by kicking mind clutter to the curb. I offer many types of avenues to help you find peace. Let’s talk …

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