Predicting the Future

At the last dance lesson in my 8th grade year, the owner of the dance studio offered me a possible job, but he wanted to see how I performed during a dance lesson. After the trial run, he offered me a job because he said he watched me on how I was able to predict future problems. For years, I thought he was mistaken because I didn’t think I had that skill at all. In fact, problems arose in my life that I had no idea were even possible.

Years later, I think that boss was onto something because of my love of mysteries. To solve mysteries, a good detective has to be curious and observant. In my counseling and coaching services, I am particularly curious about how your pain points.

Many of you have heard how I categorize my coaching into two camps. Happy Campers in Camp 1 are very independent and have a difficult time releasing control. Their pain points are very different from Happy Campers in Camp 2 who want to have expert help with their books and taxes in order to free up their time. I see procrastination from both camps, but the reasons the two camps procrastinate are usually very different. Those who want full control likely have fears of trusting and letting go. Those who have anxiety about working with numbers at all typically might suffer from self-sabotage and fears of success.

I have seen countless times business owners starting out in Camp 1, learn how to release control, and trust me to handle their books. I have worked with other business owners who watch me recording and reconciling their books, and at some point, they feel confident in their ability to do more of the work on their own. Both business owners have addressed their pain points by facing their fears.

At one son’s back to school night, the AP Government teacher said, “Your child is required to read 9 pages in the textbook every night. If they don’t read one night, the next night they have to read 18 pages and 27 pages if they’ve let two nights go. At some point in the semester, your child will realize they are so far behind that they cannot catch up.”

I have too many versions of 9 pages where I procrastinate. I get so tired to put my clothes away at the end of the day that soon the top of my hamper looks like a volcano. I have so many pictures of my bucket list trip through the Panama Canal that I cannot find pictures that tell amazing stories of the journey. I put off so many things because I am afraid I will make a mistake.

However, I have learned many handy systems to do things today that make me feel so much better in the future. For example, I reconcile my personal and business transactions every month and feel so organized. I have one physical folder in my files labeled TAXES where everything tax related goes during the year and when tax forms arrive. I don’t eat sugary cereals before bedtime because I feel like a starving monster the next morning. I have learned that today I can take some steps that make my tomorrows so much easier. Is that predicting the future? I am not sure, but it is valuing my future peace of mind more than I ever used to do.

During tax season, many business owners have a full year’s worth of transactions to organize from the prior year. By not having a regular system of recording transactions, the process can be overwhelming and messy to try to tackle. Tax season is also the beginning of Spring. Wouldn’t it be amazing if next Spring you had all of your tax records in order and estimated taxes paid? Peace of mind is easy to predict when we value it more and more.

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